Most businesses rely heavily on their furnace and air conditioner to keep their building comfortable for staff and customers. You should keep your HVAC system up to date to maintain a good reputation and encourage clients or customers to return.

 For this reason, you need to recognize the signs that your HVAC system needs to be replaced. The following six warning signs can help you decide whether or not it's time to replace your commercial A/C and furnace.

Equipment Has Reached or Exceeded Its Expected Service Life

Air conditioners and heat pumps last ten to fifteen years, while furnaces last around fifteen to twenty years. Although these units may last longer (sometimes much longer) than their expected service life, an old appliance can fail at any time. Your business needs reliable heating and cooling in order to serve your customers properly.

Buying a new air conditioner and furnace before the units break down for the last time can help ensure there is no break in climate control in your commercial building. You can also shop around for the best deal and make a reasoned, thoughtful purchase, instead of a last minute decision when you purchase a unit on your own time.

Heating and Cooling Costs Are Rising

As your air conditioner and furnace begin to age, you'll notice your business heating and cooling costs begin to rise. This happens because furnaces and air conditioners naturally become less efficient over time.

Not only does this cost you additional money, but the decreased efficiency is also worse for the environment. A new air conditioner and furnace can help reduce your costs and your business's carbon footprint.

Service Calls Are Frequently Needed

You shouldn't have to call an HVAC repair person more than once annually for a tune-up. If you're calling for repairs on a regular basis, you could be fighting a losing battle. All new equipment can save your company money in the long run and can also prevent the unpleasant surprise that comes with realizing your air conditioner or furnace has broken down.

Temperature and Humidity Is Hard to Control

Your system running regularly should result in lower indoor humidity and comfortable temperatures. Uneven temperatures and high humidity can lead to mold growth, discomfort and loss of business.

If your HVAC system is unable to keep up with the demand of your commercial business, your air conditioner or furnace may be inappropriately sized for your building or that your equipment is too old to do the job. Either way, replacing the unit can help you take care of your building, your staff and your customers.

Customers Are Complaining

It's always disturbing when customers complain about discomfort. If your customers complain regularly about your business being too hot or too cold, look into this problem as quickly as possible. Word gets around when a business is unable to meet its clients' needs, so fixing this problem sooner rather than later can prevent this problem from hurting profits.

Eco-friendly Customers Have Concerns

An eco-friendly HVAC system can attract customers who prioritize businesses with environmentally friendly practices. If customers know that your current system isn't eco-friendly, they may want to choose another business.

To ensure that customers know what steps you have taken to make your business more environmentally-friendly, put up signs or write about your new system in your company newsletter. Keeping customers informed will help them appreciate your business more and may deepen their loyalty.

At Golden State Commercial Equipment Repair, we're happy to answer customer questions as needed. To find out more about how you can improve your business with a new HVAC system, contact us today.